St Nicholas Diocesan School

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Welcome to St Nicholas!

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St Nicholas Diocesan School is an Independent Anglican School for boys and girls. Its aim is to offer an excellent education and to provide a secure and caring environment where children from Grade RR to Grade 12 are given opportunities to realise their potential. At. St Nicholas, the needs of the whole child are catered for - intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural.



The Academic Programme

The School caters for learners from Grade RR to Grade 12.

There are three phases in the School

The academic programme follows an integrated outcomes based education approach. The medium of instruction is English. All subjects are provided for in the curriculum. The small classes and central location allow for extension activities and outings related to classroom activities. Independent Examination Board exams are written.

The up to date media centre offers access to information through the medium of a well-stocked library and extensive computer education.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Education are included in the curriculum and featured through school outreach projects.

The Spiritual Dimension

At the heart of St Nicholas is our Christian faith. This is reflected in our motto - God Leads. The Anglican Ethos of the school is nurtured in class and school devotions, as well as regular School Eucharists at the nearby St. Georges' Garrison Church.

Services to commemorate the different seasons of the church - Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Christmas - are held annually.

A lively SCA for Senior learners is led by enthusiastic staff members, and staff attend regular Chapel Devotions.

Co-curricular Activities


Although it is a young School, St Nicholas offers a wide variety of sporting codes including Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Athletics and Swimming. Physical education is also part of the curriculum and the values of good sportsmanship are fostered.

Cultural Activities

St Nicholas has an excellent reputation for cultural activities, which include Music, Choirs, Marimbas, Dance, Debating, Art and Drama. Additional activities like Keyboard Lessons, Ballet and Chess are available to learners.


Boarding for boys and girls from Grade 6 - 12 on a full time or weekly basis is offered. Boarders are cared for by a committed staff, in secure surroundings, where the needs of the children is our priority.

After Care Facilities

These are offered free to all Primary School day scholars until 17:00. The surroundings are safe and well-equipped. In the Foundation Phase, supervision of homework by experienced staff is included.