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“It’s better to build a child than to repair a man”, goes an old proverb. In our primary school, the children are able to build themselves in a safe and nurturing environment, which as been specially designed to meet their developmental needs.

St Nicholas follows the CAPS curriculum and our highly qualified teachers provide every opportunity for each child to achieve the necessary standards required of them. Our small classes with dedicated teachers and class helpers, have always ensured that the learners have a sound start and produce a high standard of work. Each child is afforded the opportunity to build a solid foundation upon which to build in the next phase of school.

Learners with learning difficulties or a lack of self-confidence truly benefit from the diverse and enriching curriculum which exists at St Nicholas. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of the necessary Maths and Language skills that allow our learners to develop independent work ethics and life skills.

Interesting excursions are arranged for each grade through the year. These excursions afford the children not only the opportunity to visit culturally interesting places but also to interact with each other outside the school environment.

Each child’s talents are nurtured and every learner is given the chance to be the very best that they can be.


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