Junior School Clubs

The opportunity to be involved in these areas is an important part of our learners’ schooling career as co-curricular activities afford learners the chance to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities.

A number of co-curricular activities are offered to all our learners. The Art Club, Craft Club and Chess Club are flourishing in our Junior School. Our learners also participate in Debates, Spelling Bs, Talent Shows and various competitions, in areas such as writing, reading, art, poetry, and cross word puzzles.

At St Nicholas, we believe that being involved in these types of co-curricular activities boosts our learners’ confidence, helps increase and improve their imagination and creativity and helps them excel in areas where their strengths lie and were once undiscovered.

Giving back to the community and our planet is of great importance at St Nicholas Diocesan School. Our children are wholeheartedly involved in community outreach programmes, as well as the Wildlands Recycling Programme.