Our Spiritual Ethos 

At the heart of St Nicholas is our Christian faith. This is reflected in our motto; DEUS DUCIT – GOD LEADS.

Our Anglican ethos is nurtured in classroom devotions, regular chapel services led by local clergy, Bible-based assemblies, staff devotions as well as regular Eucharists at the beautiful St George’s Garrison Church. The High School Student Christian Association (SCA) meets on a weekly basis. An annual Gospel Evening is held, where other schools join us for a wonderful evening of song and fellowship as we celebrate our faith.

Our annual Prefect Induction and Eucharistic Service is a very touching and sentimental event for our children and their parents and includes a Foot Washing Ceremony, in line with the belief that “good leaders must first become good servants” and following Jesus’s example of when He served and washed the feet of His disciples. Our Principal, Mr Leon Grové, washes the feet of our newly inducted Prefects. Our Prefects in turn wash the feet of other learners. Foot washing is an act of service and a symbolism of our love for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Important Anglican calendar events are acknowledged and celebrated, including Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Ascension Day. God truly does lead at St Nicholas Diocesan School.